CEO’s Message

Message from the CEO of Max Petroleum Plc

Max Petroleum Plc values simplicity in delivery & structure relationships with clients to best suit their needs. The success of Max Petroleum Plc has been built on effective, mutually beneficial & long-standing relationships with its customers and partners. With these experience and spread business network Max Petroleum Plc aiming to reach top level of high efficiency in this field. Max Petroleum Plc is standing on 4 main columns; Responsibility, Effectiveness, Efficiency and Reliability (REER).

We are caring responsibility of our current and also potential clients and partners. We never risk our clients for any profit if ever it will be warranted. Being responsible for both sides is based in our corporate culture.

We are aiming to attain capability of reaching desired results. We are aware of that these results are intended and expected by our partners and clients. We are serving to get a deep and strong vivid impression of our cooperation in business life.

Our efforts are well used for accessing intended results and purposes. Purposes of Max Petroleum Plc produces an outcome effectively with minimum risks and efforts obeying waste, expense, time, risks and unnecessary efforts.

The ability of Max Petroleum Plc is to perform and maintain its functions in routine circumstances and procedures that are taken by mutually decision. Our corporate culture is based only for developing strong, successful, long term and strategic relationships with our clients and partners. The important issue is the creating this relationship on and base on achieving best practice and sustainable reliable and valuable partnership that will refer us to other potential partners during our existing in business life.

Mr. James A. Jeffs